Hi. I’m Brenda and I’m the founder and creator behind Happy Hippy Soap.

The idea for Happy Hippy Soap was born in 1989 when my addiction to all things soap and bath, collided head on with my need for a final project in business school. So, I started my own soap business… on paper, it would be a few more years before I put it into action!

A conversation with my parents about my school project lead to a discussion on how everyone, including my grandmothers, used to make their own soap “back in the day”, which further piqued my curiosity about soap making and solidified the trajectory that I am still on to this day.

Fast forward a few years, after a move to the big city and a day job, I was thrilled to find a continuing ed. class offering a one day course in soap making and so I started making! At first it was just family and friends but then it grew into a fun little side hustle!

I had always wondered if I could turn my passion for soap making into a full time business and so in 2010 when my husband and I moved from big city life to rural Gabriola, it seemed like the universe was saying – here’s your chance! - and I have been a fulltime soap maker since.

I got the idea for The Happy Hippy Soap Company because I felt we could use a little more of that passion, that was so prevalent in the 60’s, in our present day.

What’s not to love about the Peace and Love movement? What’s not to love about people who love without prejudice, stand up for what they believe in, would prefer not to wear labels or be labeled, liberate sexual stereotypes, question materialism, care for the environment, promote peace and love and equality instead of violence, hatred and injustice?

Plus; I love music! I grew up with everything from 40’s swing, to country and rock – we listened to music constantly in my home! My Dad was in a band and as a kid I was taken to whenever and wherever he happened to be playing. When it was time for bed, a sleeping bag would be pulled out and I always requested to sleep by the drums. And so you’ll find this love of music and the 60’s through out all of my soap names and descriptions.

I am also passionate about growing my own food, the environment and dialing it back a little. Having grown up on a farm – these things are at my core and part of my very nature.

"Keep it simple" was what I was thinking of when I started making soap. I wanted to make a great product, from nice natural ingredients and price it so that people could feel good about using it everyday, not put it on a shelf for “special” days; every day is special!

Speaking of keeping it simple – this page is bordering on blowing that theory – so I will sign off…..

Shower to the People!