Mother Ocean

Made with coconut oil, this is the only soap that will lather in salt water. Infused with the sweet scents of Rosemary, Peppermint & Spearmint this soap will revitalize even the weariest of sailors. (& works on the pirate in the rest of us too!)

Ingredients: h2o, coconut oil, rosemary, spearmint & peppermint essential oils, chromium oxide green & indigo powder.

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Johnny Aitken
Our favourite Happy Hippy Soap.....Mother Ocean!

My partner and I love this soap! It is the only soap that we want to use on a daily basis, love the smell and how long each bar lasts!

Love Love Love

I love this soap. It has a generous silky lather. I use it for the body and for the hair.
I discovered this company on a trip to BC Island and fell in love with their soaps.
You won't be disappointed.
Bristol, Québec

Lorna Davies

Love Mother Mother Ocean! I'm finding out that I love the rest of them too!!) These bars last a long time - so impressed!

Nicole Greenbaum

Mother Mother Ocean

Lathers like no other

This soap smells amazing, and lathers like no other soap I've tried. The bars are also larger than your average soap bar, so they last longer! The soap is gentle on my sensitive skin, yet it washes away all of the "ick" from a hot day! I've purchased Happy Hippy soap for friends before, and finally treated myself to some this summer. I will definitely be buying more in the future!

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