Happy Hippy

Scented with balancing and grounding Patchouli and refreshing and clarifying Peppermint, this soap is favored by free spirits, artistic souls and hippies of all generations!

Ingredients: h2o, coconut oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, patchouli oil, peppermint oil, iron oxide.

Customer Reviews

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Timothy Shelley
Favourite soaps - blessed to know of

These soaps make my life better. I want them only. These now will be my first time ordering from afar. I ought to have sooner.

Grace, blessings and love.

Dale Martin
Don't Be Smelly, Get Happy!

Amazing products! Great Fragrances and excellent quality! Once you try them you will never be satisfied with any other product!

Chris Malette
Loves me some Happy Hippy soap!

Got some as a gift several years ago from my daughter in Van City and now order it online and shipped to Ontario, it's that good! Great soap, no issues with nasty fragrance allergies, all good. Great products

Melissa McMenemy
Best Soap

We love the smell of these bars of soap so much. The happy hippie is our favourite!

Gord Moman
Excellent quality and out of the world hippy fragrance.

Since moving to Parksville two years ago and buying some of the soap to try it has become the only soap I use. I guess I was hooked, first, on the fragrance and, 2nd, one the quality. Love buying great products from local people.

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